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The TCPI Medication Management and Opioid (MMO) Initiative intends to generate commitments from TCPI and partner clinicians to be in action to address the nation’s opioid crisis.
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The Healthcare Communities site improves health care for millions by supporting individuals who implement healthcare quality improvement and transformation.


Facilities and Innovative Design in Organizations (FIDO) brings together Health Care delivery providers and Vendors specializing in building new healthcare facilities. One organization's goal: Build 20 new health centers in the next 5 years. Follow the progress!

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The Partnership for Patients (PfP) initiative is a public-private partnership working to improve the quality, safety and affordability of health care for all Americans. The latest outcomes from the initiative show hospital acquired infections decreased by 17% over a 3 year period!

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CMS’s Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) aims to help clinicians achieve large-scale health transformation. Designed to support more than 140,000 clinicians, the initiative aims to promote improved quality and reduced costs and to support payment reform.

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