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SHAP - Incorporating Wellness into Coverage Expansions PLG Webinar Recording
This is the link to access the recording for the SHAP - Incorporating Wellness into Coverage Expansions PLG Webinar Recording.   The corresponding slides can be found ...
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SHAP PLG Enrollment Made Easier Webinar Recording
SHAP PLG Enrollment Made Easier Webinar Recording. to review the Webinar recording for the SHAP Peer Learning Group: Enrollment Made Easier on July 20, 2011.
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SHAP Peer Learning Group Webinar Recording - Streamlining Enrollment System
SHAP Peer Learning Group Webinar - Streamlining Enrollment Systems, Successes and Challenges was presented on May 12, 2011. Topics discussed include Enrollment Improvements, State Sharing, Process Improvements, Cultural Shifts, Upcoming Peer Learning...
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SHAP Peer Learning Group Webinar - Agenda
This is the agenda for the SHAP Peer Learning Group Webinar - Incorporating Wellness into Coverage Expansions on April 7, 2011.
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SHAP Grantees- Wisconsin
SHAP funding will be used to implement Phase II of BadgerCare Plus, covering approximately 2,600 low-income ( Centralized Enrollment: Cover Wisconsin will implement a centralized enrollment/application/renewal process (via ‘ACCESS’ online portal, di...
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SHAP Grantees- West Virginia
West Virginia SHAP established the WV CONNECT program designed to subsidize expansion of coverage and access to care for working uninsured West Virginia residents and reduce delays in care. WV CONNECT will be implemented in phases and is jointly admi...
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SHAP Grantees- Texas
Texas is increasing access to affordable employer-based insurance for uninsured, employed residents through take-up of employer-sponsored coverage, primary/preventive care utilization, and small business participation.  SHAP funding subsidizes the fo...
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SHAP Grantees- Oregon
Oregon's SHAP will help further enact universal, comprehensive coverage as well as improve quality and contain costs. Grant funds will augment and strengthen current efforts and will assist implementation planning for broader coverage expansions, rea...
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SHAP Grantees- North Carolina
North Carolina is using SHAP funds to extend coverage for low-income working parents through the creation of a limited benefit plan, called Community Care of North Carolina for Uninsured Parents (CCNC-UP). This plan provides enrollees with a medical ...
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SHAP Grantees- New York
New York is reducing the numbers of uninsured individuals in the state through program expansions, development of technological tools, and focus on insurance program enrollment and retention. The state aims to enroll 70% of the newly eligible populat...
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