HC Portal Pre-Filled Registrations

Pre-Registration on the HC Portal

In an effort to make your registration on the HC Portal as easy and seamless as possible, we are providing an opportunity to complete your registration without needing to fill in almost all the fields in the registration form or to verify your account via email after registration.

Using data that has already been collected within the TCPI initiative for your associated PTN or SAN you will only need to complete a few mandatory fields as highlighted below.

Steps to Complete your One-Time Portal Registration


1.  Follow the link provided to you in the Pre-Registration Email

2.  You’ll notice that all your contact information has been filled in. Double-check for accuracy and make any changes as needed. We encourage completion of all of your profile fields so your peers are aware of your location and can connect with those in similar geographic regions.

3.  The following fields you’ll need to actively complete:

a)  Username (Email Address): Ensure your username (which is your email) is the one you want to use on the portal.  
Note: This will auto-fill with the address at which you received your pre-registration email and thus does not require validation. If you want to change it, you can, but you’ll need to verify the new email address via a verification email you will receive at your other address after you complete the form.

b)  Choose and confirm a password (at least 7 characters).

c) Check the box if you agree to the HC Portal Terms of Use.

d) Enter the security captcha code presented to you (yours will differ).

e) Click Register


You will then be redirected to the Portal login page. After you login, if your PTN or SAN has checked for your account to automatically be joined to a PTN or SAN, the page will refresh, and you’ll be on that particular community’s homepage.

If you had opted to change your username (email), you will receive an email for you to verify your email address.

To join more communities or learn more about the HC Portal, please see Getting Started on the HC Portal.