My E-mail Already Exists in The System but I Forgot My Password

On this site, your username is always your registered e-mail address. If it is already in the system, you may only need to change your password. You can do so following these steps:


1.On the Healthcare Communities non-logged-in page, click on the green Login button.

 Login Button

 2. Click on the I Forgot My Password! Link

Click 'I forgot my Password'

3. Enter your e-mail address in the box next to Username (E-Mail Address) and click Submit. If the email you enter is not valid, the system will let you know.

Enter your Email

4.You'll receive on-screen instructions to check your email.

On Screen Message: Check your email

5. An e-mail will be sent to the E-Mail address entered. You must click on the link in the message to complete your password reset.

Follow the link in the email

6. You will be taken to the Reset Password page.  Fill in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes and click Reset Password.

Choose your new password