Access the Outcomes Sharing Site

To access the Outcomes Sharing Site make sure you have been added as a member by your PTN or SAN. PTNs or SANs provide us the list of who should have an account. If you do not have an account and feel you should have one, contact your PTN or SAN.

If you have had an account made you can access it following these steps:

1) Make sure you have completed your Portal Registration @

2)  Make sure you are a member of the TCPI Community (If you are not yet a member you can request access here )

3) Once a member, navigate to the TCPI home page @

4) Click on the 'Outcomes Sharing' button shown here:


Button Link to Outcomes Sharing Site

You will be automatically logged in, there is no need for a separate login or username/password.
(Note that you also cannot directly login to the OSS, you will always need to navigate through the portal for security reasons)

An additional FAQ under the 'Help' menu of the Outcomes Sharing Site will provide additional help in using the OSS.