New Portal Updates

This FAQ covers 5 updates made to the Healthcare Communities Portal on July 30, 2017.

1.    The new Homepage

2.    Logging in to Your Community from the HealthcareCommunities Homepage

3.    Navigating to and within your communities

4.    Left-hand Navigation

5.    Search


Note: all pages have retained their web addresses. Any existing bookmarks will continue to work.


1. The HealthcareCommunities Homepage

The new homepage for features a fresh design and easily recognizable green Register and Login buttons on the top right of the screen. To log in to the Portal, click the Login button.

New HC Home Page

You can learn more about the communities that help make up Healthcare by choosing “Learn More” from the featured communities shown. Communities will be highlighted on a rotating basis, so these tiles will be changing. Check back for new information.

Highlighted Communities

The “About Us” tab at the top of the page describes how we proudly support healthcare transformation, quality improvement efforts, and the power of community through sharing knowledge, resources, and experiences. We believe the powerful upgrades you see will enhance your efforts to improve care and continue your innovative endeavors. 

New About Us

2. Logging in to Your Community from the HealthcareCommunities Homepage

Click the green login button in the upper right corner. You will be directed to enter your username and password to login to the site.

Log In to your Account

Changes to the menu bar at the top of the page:

  • Community News is now called Community Highlights
  • The Resource Center will take you to over 15,000 resources contributed by users.
  • Help will take you to a page where you can submit a question or look for an answer in the Suggested Solution area.
  • The green “My Profile” button will allow you to edit your profile and change your user name or password.


New Navigation

Once you have logged in, the communities you belong to will automatically be displayed in a tile format. You may also view your available communities is a list format. To do this, click the “View Table” button on the top left.

The “Available Communities” tab lists communities that you may wish to join.

On either the “My Communities” or “Available Communities” tab, use the “find a community” search bar to search for a community.

New Way to get to your Communities

Use the “Sort By” button on the right to arrange your communities as you choose.

Ability to Sort Communities

Change how many communities you want to see on your screen at once by choosing the number table on the bottom right of the page

Select your Paging Amount

3. Navigating to and within your communities

From your “My Communities” tab select a community and click on the logo or the name to go to the community. For quick access to upcoming calendar events and documents click the corresponding links in the tile.

Communities now in Tiles

Once you are in Your Community, most features are the same including:

  • Searching within the community with the search bar.
  • Using breadcrumbs in the upper left-hand corner to retrace your steps and return to where you’ve been.
  • Icons, announcements, and recent documents remain the same.


Updated TCPI Page


4. Left-hand Navigation

One difference in the new design is that all pages now have a left-hand navigation bar. While some communities have long used this style of navigation, it is now universal across the site. The left-hand navigation has replaced the menus that used to appear in tabs at the top of the page.

The left-hand-navigation bar displays the name of the community displayed in a gray box. If the community has sub-communities that you belong to, these will also be displayed in gray boxes. You may switch to a sub-community by clicking its name. Only those communities of which you are a member will be displayed.

Beneath the community name are all the areas or functions within the community you many want to explore, including calendars, documents, Listservs, and others. These will vary depending on the community.

You  may click the drop down arrow on any community or sub-community to expand or collapse the options available.

5. Search Functionality

New search features have been implemented. Clicking on the magnifying glass on the top menu bar of any page will automatically bring you to a search page that offers advanced search options.  Entering text in to the search options will refine your search results. Options include the dates range for when the document was last modified, document type (Word, PowerPoint, etc.), and choosing the community in which to search. Note that you may not be able to access documents stored in communties of which you are not a member.

Two additional changes have also been implemented:

  1. Search results are now returned in order of date modified, with the most recent results appearing first.
  2. Search results for multi-word searches now default to returning results for documents containing ALL the entered terms (rather than ANY of the entered terms). This returns fewer, more relevant results.


Improved Search


We hope that these changes improve your experience on We welcome your feedback and questions. Please contact us by clicking the Help tab at the top of any page.