Improvement Library

About the Improvement Library

The Improvement Library is a dedicated page for sharing documents, presentations, webinar recordings, and other helpful tools with all members of CMS-sponsored communities on the Healthcare Communities Portal. The library can be found from the “Resource Center” menu at the top of all pages.

Improvement Library Menu Option


Upload a Resource

All users can add resources to any existing Library folder.  Highlight the Folder to which you want to save the resource, then click the green Add New button. If the resource you want to add is a document saved on your computer choose “File(s)” from the menu. You may also add websites. To do this, select the “Hyperlink” item from the menu. Once you have selected File(s) or Hyperlink, follow the instructions provided. 

Add a File or Hyperlink Menu Option

Adding a New Folder

New folders are added only by members of the Portal’s Knowledge Management Team.  If a resource you wish to add to the library is not a good fit for any of the available folders, you can suggest a new folder by clicking this button.

A form opens for you to enter details about the folder you wish to add.  Someone with the Knowledge Management Team will follow up with you about your folder suggestion.

Adding Other Content

To upload a video, podcast, or other type of media please submit a Help Desk ticket for assistance.