Getting Started on the HC Portal

Welcome to the HC Portal. Here you can share resources and ideas with over 30,000 peers.

This FAQ walks through the steps needed to get started.


1. Register for the HC Portal


Registration is fast and confirms your identity via your email address. Use your new login for all the available communities on the Portal. There are over 70 communities on the Portal.

TIP: Make sure to check your Junk Mail/SPAM folder. Automatic email that you receive in the registration process may end up there.

For step by step instructions, including a video, see the Register for the HC Portal FAQ (opens in new window).

2. Join a Community


Now that you are a member you can visit the Available Communities page and see a list of all the communities in their different groupings, read their description and join the those that fit your focus. Once approved for a community, you will have access to all their content.

For step by step instructions, see the Join a Community FAQ, which also has a video!

3. Join a Listserv


Many of the communities have one or more Listservs. Visit each community's Listserv page to subscribe/unsubscribe from a list. You can also manage all your Listserv settings at the Listserv management site.

For step-by-step instructions, see the Joining a Listserv FAQ (opens in new window).

Help! I’m stuck!


Don’t fret. Here are a few links to FAQs to common issues when getting started:

Reset your Password | Changing your Username 

TIP: Check out all available FAQs on the menu at left for additional topics.

Help! I’m still stuck!!


Still stuck? Have a more specific issue and you just need to talk? Submit a helpdesk ticket below. Our national helpdesk support team will get back to you in a timely manner and provide all the assistance you need.

TIP: You can always email support directly: