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Viewing a Community’s Calendar of Events
Viewing an Event’s Details
Filtering & Searching for Events
Download an Event to your Personal Calendar
Setting up a Reminder Notification for an Event

Viewing a Community’s Calendar of Events  

There are a few ways in which you can view the events that a Community has posted to their calendar(s).  After you log in to the Healthcare Communities Portal, you will see the My Communities homepage, if you belong to at least one community.  Alternatively, if you have communities to which you belong that are set up as favorite communities, your logged-in homepage will display your My Favorite Communities. 

1. From any Community Tile, you will see a link for the number of Upcoming Events that Community may have.  Click that link to be taken to that Community’s main calendar, even if the number is zero.


2. If you are already on a Community’s main page or any of the other pages within that Community portal, you can get to the Calendar by clicking the Calendar selection in the left-hand navigation menu.


TIP #1:  You can view a Community Calendar in either a monthly, weekly, or daily view by clicking the preferred option in the top, right of the Calendar.  Please note, however, that the calendar will only show weekdays, Monday through Friday if set by default, but you are able to navigate to Saturday and Sunday by setting the View by to Day and navigating forward/backward to the weekend days.


TIP #2:  You can also navigate the calendar with the options on the top, left of the Calendar.  Depending on how you’re viewing the calendar (daily, weekly, or monthly), the left and right arrows will advance you one day/week/month before (left arrow) the current view of a day, week, or month, or one day/week/month after (right arrow) the current view of day, week, or month.  The “today” option will take you directly to the current day’s date.  Clicking the drop-down arrow will open a small calendar pop-up, whereby you can click on a specific day of a month to jump to that day in the calendar.


 Note:  You will see the default Time Zone that you have set up in your portal Profile displayed in the top right corner of the calendar.  All events will display on your calendar adjusted for your saved time zone. If the Time Zone displayed is incorrect, go to your Profile and edit your profile settings.


Viewing an Event’s Details

To view more details about an Event, you can do this in a couple of different ways.

1. Click on an event from any Calendar in either a monthly, weekly, or daily view to see full event details in a pop-up window.


2. After clicking on the event from a Calendar, you will see a blue “Read More” button at the bottom of the pop-up window, which will take you to the Event Details page.


Tip:  Either option will show you full Event Details.  Depending on how the event was created, you should be able to click any links to other websites or registration links that were included in the Event by the event creator from either the details pop-up window or from the Event Details page.



Filtering & Searching for Events


When an event is created, generally, the creator will categorize the event.  Every Community Calendar offers 4 default categories for creators to use, and in some communities, there are other additional custom categories that are used by those communities.  The categories you see in one Community may not exist in another Community.  Additionally, if an event was created without a category being selected, by default, the calendar event will be the color grey.

There are 4 built-in categories for every calendar:

Monthly Event:

Light Blue

Report Due:

Neon Green

Special Event:


Weekly Event:



These default categories will always show in the category legend dropdown, and if a community has a unique category, you will see it on the category drop-down as well.


You can also filter the events by a keyword by typing in a word or words into the text box to the right of the Category drop-down and click “Filter” to apply.  Click the Reset button to clear any filter or see events of all categories.


Download an Event to your Personal Calendar

If you would like to save/copy this event to a third-party calendar of your choice (eg. Outlook, Google, Apple Calendar, etc.), you can do so by going to the Event Details page, navigate to the bottom of the page, and click the blue “Download to My Calendar” button.  Depending on the internet browser you use, you may see another pop-up window asking to make a selection for saving or opening the calendar file so that you can save it to (or open it with) your preferred calendar application.  At this point, you will continue the process within your particular calendar application.


Setting up a Reminder Notification for an Event


If you want to be reminded of an event, you can set up a reminder from as soon as 5 minutes before an event to as much as 8 weeks before an event. You must be on the Event Details page to set up a reminder.  Navigate to the bottom of the Details page to see these options.  Enter the email address to which you’d like to receive the notification and click the drop-down to view all of the reminder notification options then click to select one.  Next, click the blue “Notify Me About the Event” button to save the reminder.