Be Part of the Nation’s Healthcare Transformation

The Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI) will assist 140,000 clinicians in improving the way they deliver care by providing technical assistance support for integrating quality and process improvement, and by building on and spreading existing change methodologies, practice transformation tools, published literature, and technical assistance programs. Clinicians that will be supported by TCPI include primary and specialty physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, clinical pharmacists, and their practices.

Opportunities to Get Involved

Clinicians that are interested in participating in TCPI should email, providing contact information and the state in which you practice. You may also click the map image to find information on the Practice Transformation Networks (PTNs) in each state that are providing technical assistance to practices enrolled in TCPI.


  • Support more than 140,000 clinicians in their practice transformation work
  • Improve health outcomes for millions of Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries and other patients
  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations for 5 million patients
  • Generate $1 to $4 billion in savings to the federal government and commercial payers
  • Sustain efficient care delivery by reducing unnecessary testing and procedures
  • Transition 75% of practices completing the program to participate in Alternative Payment Models
  • Build the evidence base on practice transformation so that effective solutions can be scaled

TCPI Overview

To download a brief overview of TCPi please click the button below.

TCPi Overview



Vizient Practice Transformation Network

TCPI is a large-scale model aimed at moving 140,000 clinicians toward value-based care and alternative payment models (APMs). The Vizient™ Practice Transformation Network (PTN) is part of the largest member-driven health care company in the country, dedicated to innovation that supports its members in their transition to value-based care. Vizient provides clinicians expertise in transformation, analytics, and value-based care from subject matter experts and other TCPI networks. Enrolled organizations receive education about how to transform their practices and succeed in the Quality Payment Program. Enrolled organizations will be ready to migrate into APMs based on the experience gained in TCPI Benefits of participating in TCPI with the Vizient PTN.

The Learning Labs will help PTNs:

  • Assistance from dedicated quality improvement advisers
  • Performance improvement collaboratives and peer-to-peer learning events
  • Assistance in optimizing and understanding data and analytics
  • Improvement in clinical efficiency

Vizient Performance Management exists to help members advance their clinical and operational performance so that they can provide highly reliable, value-based care. Our programming, including the Vizient PTN, helps clinicians meet standards, stand out and lead. Vizient provides network-powered insights in the critical areas of clinical, operational, and supply chain performance and empowers members to deliver exceptional, cost-effective care. For more information, please contact Brandi Wight at or (312) 775-4332.