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What is a Change Package?

Facilities and Innovative Designs in OrganizationsA change package is a collection of ideas, concepts, tools, approaches and resources that have an evidence base of working to improve quality in the field. This package focuses on the aim of ensuring that management systems, space and technology all come together to support a care team that leads to improved health outcomes, better experience of care for the patient and family, lower costs and meaningful, joyful work for the care team. 

What is the Philosophical Underpinning for this Approach?

The information which follows is based on the concepts of planned organized care delivered in a health home context for the patient where the primary care team is responsible for whole person needs working in partnership with the patient and family. The approach assumes care delivery is designed around the needs of the patient and family and to ensure a prepared proactive care team can engage in a highly productive interaction with the patient.

How is the information organized?

Information is organized based on the major steps of the patient flow through a primary care clinic. Each step is examined in terms of alternative models, key thematic change ideas, how space and technology are optimized to support the care team and patient interaction, as well as innovative products that support this work. The major modules include: 

FIDO Follow Model for Change Package

Population Health
Pre-Visit Planning    Check In/Registration    Exam Room Activity/Discharge    Follow Up and Home Care

What will you find?

You will find the following when you dive into each module:

  • Key concepts
  • A webinar explaining models
  • Relevant resources
  • Products and Resources supporting this module
  • Relevant links to other resources
  • An opportunity to contribute your own examples


Key pre-work before you get started designing your space:


Be clear on your population health management system

  • Ensure patients are empaneled to a care team.
  • Develop profound knowledge of your population through analysis of your population level data.
  • Develop evidence-based disease management work flows for your major conditions.
  • Develop master scheduling based on the care management needs of you population; including campaigns o bridge gaps in care.·          

Know your care model

  • Define your care team.
  • Ensure your care team members are working at the top of their license by distributing work across the care team based on your population needs.

Engage key stakeholders in the design of your space including employees, patients and families.

  • Engage patients in redesign of your care model.
  • Test design suggestions with families.
  • Leverage technology to help visualize space and facilitate input.

Ensure you know your market and develop profound knowledge of your community, patients and changing forces through data and analysis.

  • Ensure there is a demand for your planned services.
  • Listen to our Data Driven Design web cast with HDR on how data influences design.

Design your workflows in advance.

  • Ensure your workflows accommodate the care you intend to deliver so space design can support the work; don’t design space and then try to retrofit your work flows.

Consider how you will optimize technology in your design.

  • Technology can empower patients in how they access care, self-administer certain vital signs, and engage the care team. Be clear on how you intend to adopt technology to facilitate care delivery.

Strive to create the ideal patient experience, every patient, every time.

  • Seek perfection for every patient.
  • Use LEAN principle to ensure waste is minimized in your work flows.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute through the following mechanisms:

  • Contribute to Forum discussions.
  • Post questions on the FIDO list serv
  • Post your own pictures of vignettes.


Stages of Visit

 Click on Stages of Visit links below to access the resources and tools that support your practice's transformation


Pre-Visit Planning    Check In/Registration    Exam Room Activity/Discharge    Follow Up and Home Care