The Healthcare Communities site improves health care for millions by supporting individuals who implement healthcare quality improvement and transformation.

About Us

What is HealthcareCommunities.org?

HealthcareCommunities.org is a collection of nearly 70 virtual communities.

This web-based tool allows individuals in different healthcare-related organizations to join "communities" with shared interests and goals to work together, regardless of location.

Nearly 70 communities nationwide participate in HealthcareCommunities.org, all of them working to improve some aspect of healthcare. Various sources fund these communities: government agencies, professional associations, organizations involved in healthcare improvement and commercial entities.

What is the benefit?

Synergy. Imagine what can be achieved when different organizations in different states share their expertise and resources to solve common problems and address common issues. Virtually every format of communication and information sharing is available for easy access, including video files and streaming, document sharing, ListServs and forums, calendars, program support, data management and more. Individuals share resources and experiences with colleagues to find solutions and accelerate improvement efforts. 

The value of that collaboration cannot be overstated, and HealthcareCommunities.org makes it possible, thereby playing a vital role in advancing the improvement of healthcare quality and transformation.

How do individuals use the site?

Both public and private communities participate in HealthcareCommunties.org. Public communities are open to anyone. Private communities are limited to authorized individuals participating in a sponsored initiative. Individuals choose those groups or communities most appropriate for them.

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Who we are

HealthcareCommunities.org was developed and is maintained by CSI Solutions LLC, a consulting and technology firm that focuses on healthcare improvement and innovation.

An Illustration of how HealthcareCommunities.org works

A health center in Ohio was asked to manage an outbreak of MRSA at a local high school.

At 7:30 a.m., the center communicated with community members around the country, using the HealthcareCommunities.org ListServ.

For four (4) hours, they received a steady stream of information from members, including the latest guidelines from the CDC and a communications package for parents and media.

By 1:00 p.m., the health center was equipped to manage the outbreak.

From initial appeal to full readiness in just a few hours.

Once again, the value of HealthcareCommunities.org cannot be overstated.

The Power of Community