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Searching FAQ


In this FAQ:

Search Locations

Search Terminology

Viewing Search Result Details

Limiting Results via Advanced Search Options

Limiting Search Results by Meta Content

Limiting Search Results by Document Type

Searching by File Name

Search Locations

You can search the content (documents and pages) of one single community by using the search box that appears in two places in a community:

  1. The community home page, by default the search is at the top of their home page, but could be located in another section of the home page
  2. Any of the documents pages


To search ALL your communities, including other pages on the HC Portal, use the search located at the top and to the right of the HC Portal logo on every page

To search ONLY a Resource Center use the dedicated search on that page, by default the top left

Search Terminology



quarterly template

Will return results that contain quarterly OR template

+quarterly +template

Will return results that contain quarterly AND template

-quarterly +template

Will return any results with template BUT NOT with quarterly in them

“B.2 quarterly template”

Will return any results with this exact phrase. 

+”B.2” +template

Enclose a single term with a special character in double quotes, this example returns B.2 AND template


Wildcard returns results for delivery OR deliverable OR deliveries, etc



Viewing Search Result Details

Your results by default are ordered by Relevancy, but can be sorted by…

(Note: The Folder option will order your results into groups of files that are all within the same folder)


On the results listing you’ll see that results contain the Title and Tags for the document. The text underneath the title will either be the Description or File Content depending on if there are remarks, else it will display file content. Any terms that you've entered will be highlighted.

You’ll also see the location of the document, Author, and Create/Modified Dates

Three additional items to point out:

1: Relevancy: This takes into account various criteria such as the number of times the search terms appear, where they appear within the result, how many times they appear and so on to produce a quantified importance index. 

2: Read More Details: Clicking this link will take you to the details page where you can download the file and opens in a new window so you can keep your search results page intact. (Remember that you can always click on the document title in your search results to download the file as well).

3: More Like This: This link returns similar results based on the selected number of repeated terms. So if the original term you searched for was sugar and you find a document focused on diabetes, clicking the more like this will yield results that take into account the highest counts of terms from that document. An example would be that if the document on diabetes has the word foot and vision appearing many times, your results from the More Like This will contain other documents that have those words appearing many times.


Limiting Results via Advanced Search Options

Once you get your results are returned you’ll also be presented with some Advanced Search Options at the top of the results page. Here you can limit your results in a few ways noted below.


Limiting Search Results by Meta Content

By default your search will return results that contain your search terms in:


Title of the document (not filename) or webpage.

File Content

The text of what is actually in the document/or on a web page.


The remarks/description the user who has uploaded a document has provided.


Any keywords/tags the user who has uploaded a document has provided.


To limit your search to just a Title, put a check in the box and click SEARCH


Limiting Search Results by Document Type

If you’re searching for a document that you know will be a particular file format, say a template that will be an Excel document, use the Filter by Type to select Documents removing Site Pages from your results:

A second pulldown will appear, allowing you to select the type of document:


Searching by File Name

If you know the exact original file name including extension (ie: “InfluenzaTips2015.docx”) of the file that was added you can put the document name + extension in the File Name box and search.