Friday, June 23, 2017

My E-mail Already Exists in The System but I Forgot My Password

If you tried registering and received a message that says “duplicate e-mail” address, this simply means there is a user profile already associated with the e-mail address entered.  If you do not recall the password for your account do the following:

To reset your password do the following:

1.        On the Healthcare Communities homepage click on the Forgot Password link


2.       The Reset your password page will be displayed

 3.       Enter your e-mail address in the box next to Username (E-Mail address)


4.       Click Submit

 5.       An e-mail will be sent to the E-Mail address entered.  You must click on the link in the message to complete your password reset.


6.       You will be taken to the Reset Password, fill in the New Password and Confirm Password boxes and click Reset Password.


7.       You will be receive a Success message,  you will able to log on using the new password