Friday, June 23, 2017

Who We Are... is a web-based knowledge management system and community portal that supports healthcare transformation. The site has features that facilitate the quality improvement efforts of organizations and individuals by enabling them to share their knowledge, resources, and experiences. These features include:

  • Document sharing
  • Announcements
  • Topic-specific Listservs and forums
  • Social media connections
  • A quality improvement resource library
  • A video library
  • A calendaring function
  • Where applicable, access to CSI Solutions’ secure data reporting site used to measure performance in both small and large improvement initiatives. was developed and is maintained by CSI Solutions, LLC , a consulting and technology firm that focuses on healthcare improvement and innovation. The Healthcare platform supports both open and private communities. Private communities are funded through a variety of sources, including government agencies, professional associations, or other organizations engaged in healthcare improvement. These communities limit their membership to a targeted group of individuals, but may also provide resources that can be accessed through the portal’s home page by anyone with an interest.

In contrast, the membership in open communities is available to anyone seeking to participate. As with the private communities, funding for these communities comes from different types of organizations. In some cases, sponsorship is by a commercial entity, and when this occurs, information about the sponsoring organization will always be clearly identified.

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A few years back, a health center in Ohio was asked by their local health department to manage an outbreak of MRSA that had been identified at the local high school. At 7:36 AM, the team sent an email to a listserv. Over the next four hours a wealth of information came in, including the latest guidelines from CDC on evidence based management and a communication package for the parents and media. By 1:00 PM the health center had everything they needed to manage the outbreak in their community.

The Power of Community